Weather kind for Lancaster camp

The Boys' Brigade
The Boys' Brigade

Skipper of 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church), Paul Mitchell, tells me they were away at camp in July, at a site given to them by the Vale of Lune Rugby Club in Lancaster.

A site they have previously used and if memory serves, also by 1st Haggs (Haggs Church), in the past. The weather was relatively kind to them compared with some of the ‘not for camping’ weather we have had this summer; being mostly dry if a bit windy, so dropping the temperatures a little.

Traditional activities were to the fore with sports, quizzes, tent inspections and camp fires. Added to this midweek, was an outing to visit a ‘Go Ape’ attraction where mind, body and daring are challenged as boys take to the trees and swing from the branches, zip down steeply sloping wire descents and take leaps of faith from 35 feet up in the tree canopy. All very enjoyable but energy sapping so there was no problem getting to sleep that night! Other activities ‘out of camp’ included trips to nearby Morcambe and the local baths and cinema.

An English family who regularly visit 8th Falkirk when in that area again called and spent the weekend with them and a former officer, Richard Greenaway and his son Andrew, also a former member, paid their respects to their friends, no doubt remembering their previous camping experiences with ‘the 8th’.

BB Camping is also recalled by the Very Rev Dr Andrew McLellan as he highlights the importance of the Boys’ Brigade in the life of the Church of Scotland, in his article in the current issue of their magazine, ‘Life & Work. He highlights that far from being ‘old fashioned’ or ‘doesn’t fit with modern church’ that the BB is very much moving with the times whist retaining traditional Christian values and traditions. Good to see his article headed ‘Sure and Stedfast’, with the traditional spelling of the motto!