We said 90 jobs in Grangemouth and we created 90

The New Asda Depot
The New Asda Depot
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A supermarket giant has been accused of misleading people over the number of jobs its £38.5 million Grangemouth distribution depot would actually create.

In August 2011, Asda claimed there would be 100 new positions.

When the depot opened in November it stated 90 posts had been filled.

The firm confirmed this week that only 20 of these were permanent, with the contracts of 70 temporary staff ending on Saturday.

However, Asda insisted it had been true to its word. “We said 90 and we created 90,” a spokesperson said.

The revelation has sparked outrage locally, with readers slamming the firm on The Falkirk Herald’s Facebook site. Some even called for a boycott of the firm’s local stores.

Among those cricising the compnay was Jessie Coyne, who said: “How can they get away with this? If I knew this I would have petitioned against another warehouse being opened.”

Ruth Hardie claimed: “When you’re employed by Asda you’re just a number - they don’t care about people, just numbers and figures.”

There was some support for Asda, however.

David Isdale said: “They did create 90 jobs with only 20 remaining permanent. You can’t employ people if you don’t need them. It’s a shame but there you go.”

Stacey Fowler added: “They always take on temporary staff at Christmas with contracts until January. A lot of the time, come February and March, the people are called back and offered permanent positions.”

Asda did state it was looking to create more permanent jobs at the Earls Road site in 2013.

A spokesperson said: “As well as employing over 600 permanent colleagues at our new Grangemouth depot, we have also been able to offer around 90 temporary contracts since February 2012 to support the opening of the new site.

“We’re delighted we have been able to make around 20 of these colleagues permanent members of the team and will be looking to create more permanent and temporary roles in 2013, supporting employment in the local area.”

Asda stated staff being let go on Saturday were all aware of the date their contracts came to an end when they signed on at the depot.

A spokesperson said: “There are no redundancies at the site – just the planned end of temporary contracts that we took on to help the transfer into the new site and busy Christmas period.

“We took on temporary colleagues, all of whom were aware they were on temporary contracts. We’re really grateful for their contribution to the new opening.”

Economic issues like jobs are not a consideration when Falkirk Council’s planning committee look at applications and last year they gave the go ahead for Asda to build the depot on the grounds of the former ICI Social Club.

The massive 35.7-acre facility now supports 58 Asda stores in Scotland, replacing the existing depot in nearby West Mains Industrial Estate.