We’re going to keep it clean at West Carron

West Carron landfill
West Carron landfill

The new owners of a controversial landfill site have vowed to bring it up to standard.

But an environmental watchdog has warned Central Demolition (Recycling) Ltd (CDRL) it would be keeping a close eye on activities at West Carron landfill.

However, the firm said it would use its experience to run the site properly and would meet with residents to allay concerns.

CDRL said it will only accept inert waste for landscaping purposes for the time being, until the site infrastructure is improved.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) granted an application to transfer the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) permit for the site to the Bonnybridge-based company on Monday. The new operator took control of the landfill with immediate effect.

Concerns had been growing about the site’s operation and future after the previous operator, GR Services went bust.

Although AC&H ORN 6 Ltd owned the landfill and Oran Environmental Solutions operated the waste management business, the permit was still with the defunct company.

However, after months of negotiations, the future of the landfill appears to have been secured.

Previously, residents living nearby had complained about the stench from the dump and the noise of vehicles depositing waste at the site.

A spokesman for the new owners said: “CDRL are now the legal owner and operator of the West Carron landfill site following lengthy negotiations and co-operation between CDRL, SEPA, Falkirk Council, Oran Environmental Solutions, AC&H ORN 6 Ltd, and their respective solicitors.

“During that period our consultants Grontmij have remodelled and reprofiled the site to take account of regulations and are preparing a plan of action to address issues relating to local residents’ concerns and the ongoing site operations.

“CDRL has already notified local councillors and will liaise with residents groups in due course to discuss our plan of action and ongoing operations, including gas management.

“CDRL is looking forward to the challenge ahead and to show that our experience and expertise will prove this to be a successful venture.”

Lin Bunten SEPA’s East of Scotland head of operations, said: “The issues of ownership of West Carron have, understandably, been a concern for the local community and we appreciate that this has been a long running problem. In allowing the transfer of the PPC permit, we are satisfied that this is a sustainable long-term solution for operation of the landfill.”

She added that the new operator had been made aware of the improvements required and have given a commitment to carry out the work to bring it up to the required standard.

The environmental chief added: “We will continue to work with them, and to monitor the site, to ensure it is operated to the requirements of the permit, minimising the impact on the local community.”

Councillor Charles MacDonald, convener of Falkirk Council’s environment and community safety committee, said: “Naturally, we are all pleased that the ownership issue appears to have been resolved.”

Tom Gleeson, chief executive of Oran Environmental Solutions and a director of AC&H ORN 6, said the company was delighted the transfer had been secured.

He said: “This is the culmination of 18 months of hard work to ensure that the future of the landfill site is secure and any of the issues that have arisen in the past have been properly addressed. Oran Environmental Solutions offered its agency services at the time, foreseeing significant environmental problems if the landfill site was not properly maintained.

“We saw it as a matter of corporate social responsibility to ensure a successful outcome and have worked closely with CDRL, SEPA and Falkirk Council to achieve this.”