We’re getting the needle again!

FROM the glamorous film set to the back room of a new granny’s home, there’s the sound of clicking needles.

Knitting has become another handicraft to transcend time, age and gender as its popularity hits another peak.

And while movie stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts join the millions of people worldwide who love to create with a ball of wool and two needles, the trend is gaining prominence in Falkirk as one of the town’s popular venues, Behind the Wall, announces its intention to hold knitting and crocheting events.

Jane Flynn from Behind The Wall said she was looking forward to encouraging male and female customers to join BTW’s Happy Hooker nights, adding that no experience is necessary as there’ll be plenty of talented people on hand to pass on some tips.

She said: “For 25 years BTW has always aspired to stand out from the crowd and offer its customers a unique experience.

“We recognise that knitting is growing in popularity again, shaking off its fuddy-duddy image and appealing to a new fashionable crowd, not afraid to demonstrate their need to be creative.

“It’s an opportunity to get out of the house, away from the temptation of Facebook and electronic communication, talk to and make friends and learn a new skill.

“Not everything has to revolve around alcohol in the bar. Nothing’s better on a cold weekday night than a hot chocolate or a frothy cappuccino, good company, great chat and something to take home at the end of the night, rather than a hangover.”

Carol Meldrum, author, knitter and crafter, who has run workshops in Falkirk and taken part in a recent textile exhibition at Callendar House, said the popularity of knitting and crocheting has been steadily on the rise.

She said: “It died out in the ’80s but came back into fashion in the late ’90s. There’s also a lot of wool products on the street just now, and some people don’t want to look like everyone else and have decided to make their own.

“I think knitting’s popularity will continue to grow. It’s the idea of creating something that’s yours is great and it’s also great fun as well as having therapeutic benefits.”

Carol, a design consultant for Rowan Yarns and the brains behind the Knitted Icons dolls, says knitting’s a hobby for all ages – and both sexes.

She added: “Some of the biggest names in the industry just now are men, so it really is for everyone.

“With knitting you can do as much or as little as you like, the world is your oyster.”