Ways to spend that extra hour

With beer gardens now lying empty, bikinis packed away, and no sign of the temperature getting above 15 degrees any time soon, it can only mean one thing: autumn has finally arrived.

This weekend officially marks the end of British Summer Time, and whilst the prospect of being plunged into darkness at 4pm might send you running to the nearest airport for a bit of winter sun, there is one perk from the clocks going back at the weekend: an extra hour to spend. We take a look at the top ten ways to waste that extra hour:

Stalking your ex on Facebook – this is never a good idea.

Queuing in traffic, or queuing anywhere.

Watching videos on YouTube. Probably of cats.

Daydreaming of what to have for dinner. Something warm and stodgy is good at this time of year.

Life admin, well, you have been putting it off all year...

Tea with the in-laws.

Being hungover.

Walking to the shops and back for the newspaper and milk.

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Reading the latest celebrity gossip and knowing the relationship status of each and every Kardashian. There are a lot of them so would take an hour.

Explaining social media to your granddad. Might need longer than an hour.