Volunteers have support of CVS Falkirk

CVS Falkirk events are always well supported
CVS Falkirk events are always well supported

Councillors quizzed bosses of the company that supports the work of volunteers across the district.

Chief executive officer Karen Herbert told Falkirk Council’s scrutiny committee that “despite the difficult economic climate” CVS Falkirk remains committed to backing, developing and representing third sector organisations including social enterprises to deliver high quality services to benefit neighbours and communities.

Its latest financial statement shows that in 2013/14 it received funding from the council and Scottish Government worth nearly £300,000 - and raised another £471,000 from its charitable activities.

That allowed over £325,000 to be distributed in grants through the Partnership Innovation Fund to deserving causes including Alzheimer Scotland, Bield Housing, Braveheart, British Red Cross and Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health.

Karen Herbert said: “The organisation has been restructured as we strive to do more for less. In common with our colleagues across the sector, we have had to take a long hard look at what we deliver to ensure we stay focussed on our key purposes. We identified the road for improvement and we are on that road.

“Falkirk has a vibrant and diverse third sector with community groups and local and national charities all delivering valuable and needed activities and services. Our role is to provide a range of support to these organisations to help them grow and develop, identify new opportunities and to be a source of information about the sector.”

Provost Pat Reid said: “It was important to take a close look at its performance because of the substantial amount of money that goes towards it, but it is clear it is a well respected organisation.”