Virtual visitors to memory lane

The former Graeme High School
The former Graeme High School
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A social network page dedicated to old pictures of Falkirk has attracted more than 3000 followers, in less than a month since its launch.

The Facebook page, called ‘Old Falkirk in Pictures’, has hundreds of images of the town and the surrounding areas and has started to take over organiser John Cafferty’s spare time.

John, from Bainsford, only started the page after a friend posted pictures of what once stood at the site of Central Retail Park and he realised there was nothing celebrating the history of the local area. Since forming the page with a few pictures four weeks ago, the popularity has rocketed and John is now spending hours every day sorting through submitted images and updating the site.

John said he has been taken aback by the response.

“Surprised doesn’t even sum it up – shocked more like”, he said.

“I only really did it so people could see a few old photos of Falkirk. Now there are hundreds on – more than I ever thought there would be. People are emailing me photos every day.”

John has always been interested in local history and is now trying to track down various pictures – images from the annual flower show at Callendar Park and the animals at Dollar Park in particular.

He added: “A lot has changed in Falkirk in a very short time. When I walk about the High Street I feel it’s lost itself over time. A lot of the old buildings have given way to newer ones and it doesn’t seem right that good buildings from our history are now gone, left for us to see only in pictures now.

“Other pictures I would like to track down would be of the old BMX track at Bellsmeadow Road.

“Most of my childhood was in the 1980s and BMX bikes were all the rage back then. I spent most of my days playing there as a kid and every time I pass it I look over to where it used to be.

“I’m glad the kids have got it as a skate park but a big part of me wishes it was still the BMX track as I would love one more go round it for old times sake.”