Virtual driving app highlights dangers for future motorists

The new game will hopefully help create safer drivers in the future
The new game will hopefully help create safer drivers in the future

Young Drivers Falkirk has introduced a new virtual reality game to put driver distractions in the spotlight.

Now youngsters aged ten to 17 will be able to try their hand at the Goodyear Driving Academy VR game, which tests their ability to keep their mind fixed firmly on the road.

According to a recent survey carried out by Goodyear Tyres, one in four drivers aged 17 to 25 has had an accident or near miss in last 12 months due to being distracted.

The new app, which was developed by Goodyear, is a VR 360 degree game which sees the player drive through various surroundings while having to deal with internal distractions, like text messages appearing or passengers talking, and external distractions, like pedestrians crossing the road or advertising billboards.

Kim Stanton, of Young Driver, said: “Young Driver’s aim has always been to create a safer next generation of drivers and this game fits that perfectly. By getting to young people at an earlier age, and by repeating these messages and experiences with them before they take to the road for real, we can really make a difference.”

Goodyear’s Kate Rock added: “We launched our VR game earlier this year with impressive numbers of young drivers interacting with the game. Our partnership with Young Driver enables us to reach out to even more youngsters with our innovative learner driver package.”

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