VIDEO: Landslide win for SNP in Falkirk

The SNP’s John McNally swept away all other candidates in a landslide victory in Falkirk.

The Denny barber polled 58 per cent of the votes to became the constituency’s new MP.

New Falkirk MP John McNally with daughter Kathleen and wife Sandra

New Falkirk MP John McNally with daughter Kathleen and wife Sandra

Ten years after he became a member of Falkirk Council he is now heading to Westminster.

The delighted new Member of Parliament paid tribute to his campaign team who he said “had put so much into achieving this result”.

Mr McNally added: “They’ve worked day in and day out and good teamwork has paid off. I’m delighted for them.”

He also paid tribute to his family - wife Sandra, son Dominic, daughter Kathleen and 93-year-old mum Rosa, who he said had “stood side-by-side” with him throughout the campaign.

The new MP said: “I want to go to Westminster and represent the people of Falkirk to the best of my ability.

“I also want to see the Falkirk constituency get back to the days of Dennis Canavan who represented the community with distinction.”

He declined to talk about outgoing MP Eric Joyce who represented the area for over 14 years, but latterly was disgraced after several court appearances.

Karen Whitefield said it was a “disappointing” night for Labour and urged the new MP “don’t be whipped and don’t be gagged”.

The full result for the Falkirk Constituency is:

John McNally (SNP) - 34,831

Karen Whitefield (Labour) - 15,130

Alison Harris (Con) - 7325

David Coburn (UKIP) - 1829

Galen Milne (Lib Dem) - 1225

The turnout was 60,397 (72.44 per cent) from a total electorate of 83,380 - 10 per cent up on 2010.