VIDEO: Gala police go viral

A funny video of police officers flying down a slide at a gala day has reached a worldwide audience on the internet.

Denny resident Brian Kerr captured three local Forth Valley officers on camera racing down the Mega Slide at the town’s annual gala day on Saturday.

The three officers reach the bottom of the slide. Video: Brian Kerr

The three officers reach the bottom of the slide. Video: Brian Kerr

The video shows the trio of officers – Ross Christie, James Millar and James Shaw – getting into the spirit of the gala day by racing each other down the slide.

The surface is wet, however, and they go faster than they first anticipated and end up almost taking off of the slide as they bounce unsteadily to the bottom to the laughter of the crowd.

One woman is heard saying: “Aye, catch them! Naw dinny catch them,” before bursting into more laughter when the cops reach the bottom and rub their sore behinds after their hi-speed hi-jinx.

Mr Kerr posted the video on Facebook and received grateful comments from across the globe from people saying how much they loved it and shared the video.

Wanda Parker from America said in a comment to Brian: “Greetings from Emerald Isle, North Carolina, USA. I Wake up this morning and your video has made it over here to us.

“What fun it was to watch. My husband is a police officer and I love this. I hope you do not mind but I shared it also.”

Brian said: “It’s proving to be quite a hit. I’ve had shares and comments from Germany, USA and loads of other places.”

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