Veterans charity is knocking on Falkirk doors

Door to door fundraisers from veterans charity Erskine are visiting Falkirk over the next week, with the aim of raising funds and explaining exactly how that cash is used.

Easily recognisable by their Erskine ID badges and purple branded clothing, fundraisers work between 3pm and 9pm to help raise awareness of the care provided and to encourage support.

However the charity never asks for a donation by cash, cheque or debit/credit card at the door, and only ever accepts direct debits from householders.

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Besides donations Erskine is actively looking for new supporters to help raise the estimated £9 millikon per year needed to provide high standards of care.

To find out more about Erskine’s work visit, follow on Facebook or via twitter @Erskine1916

You can also contact the charity directly with feedback or to ask for further details at [email protected] - or call 0141 814 4657.

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