Upgrade Carronshore crossing now!

Sharon McCracken is calling for changes
Sharon McCracken is calling for changes

A mother has taken her campaign to improve road safety in Carronshore to the local community after her young son was knocked down.

John McCracken (9) was hit by a car as he crossed Carronshore Road at the designated zebra crossing, near the Co-operative store, on December 4 as he was making the short journey home from the 

He suffered cuts and bruising, but mum Sharon believes it could easily have been worse, and has now launched a campaign aimed at preventing any other children being put in danger when crossing the busy street.

The 31-year-old is collecting signatures door-to-door for a petition calling on Falkirk Council to upgrade the local zebra crossing to a pelican crossing.

She said: “This accident could easily have been prevented.

“When cars come round the corner towards the shops they only have a short time to see the zebra crossing - but they would see a red light.

“This is a busy main road. It makes sense for the crossing to be upgraded. Many of the other residents agree with me. It would be an easy thing for them to do, and would improve safety for kids in the area.”

A spokeswoman for Falkirk Council said that research suggested that zebra and pelican crossings enjoyed a similar safety record.

She added: “We are not aware of this petition. However, if the petitioner would like to raise their concerns with us, they are welcome to.

“In line with national guidance, a zebra is the most appropriate crossing for this site as it is close to a junction.

“Several factors were taken into consideration when the zebra was installed, including the volume of traffic in the area and number of pedestrians using the crossing.

“Research shows that zebra and pelican crossings have a similar safety record and there are no plans to change the crossing to a pelican.”