Undercover cops catch out drivers

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An undercover operation to enhance safety for cyclists on the road has resulted in a stream of cars being stopped by police.

Two plain clothes road policing officers on bikes, fitted with recording equipment, carried out the action at the weekend in the Callendar Road area of Falkirk as part of Operation Close Pass.

On Saturday, ten vehicles were stopped after four close passes due to four aborted overtakes, one sounding of the horn. One verbal confrontation also took place.

On Sunday, five vehicles were stopped following four close passes and an undertake. A warrant for an outstanding fine was also resolved as a result of the intervention.

The ongoing operation aims to help keep cyclists safe on the road by educating drivers who are found to be passing an unmarked police cyclist too closely or unsafely.

As a result of weekend activity, all the drivers were spoken to at length by uniform officers with a focus on education and shown a visual representation of the passing distance required when overtaking a cyclist.

Sgt David Ross of Forth Valley’s Road Policing Unit said: “Keeping vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, safe is a priority for Forth Valley’s Road Policing Unit and we continue to do so through a combination of educational activity and enforcement measures.

“It’s vital that we continue to proactively intervene to keep all road users safe and that all drivers recognise the importance of giving cyclists space.

“However, be assured that we will take enforcement action wherever necessary.”