UKIP launch Scottish Manifesto in Falkirk

0David Coburn launches the UKIP Manifesto for Scotland
0David Coburn launches the UKIP Manifesto for Scotland

UKIP put a ‘tartan touch’ to its General Election pledges when it launched its Scottish Manifesto in a local hotel today.

Falkirk candidate David Coburn promised to protect Grangemouth’s oil refinery, create more jobs across Central Scotland, scrap the bedroom tax and reinstate weekly bin collections - while backing ‘fracking’ and the Trident nuclear deterrent.

He claimed: “Our UK manifesto has been very well received, today it is all about putting that into context for the Scottish people.

“Falkirk is a dynamic functioning industrial town with good employment that is doing well and UKIP wants to see it staying that way.”

Mr Coburn accused the SNP of not “fighting for Scotland” and said it was a party dedicated to “fighting the English” instead which had Scottish business “terrified”.

He added: “UKIP is the party of progress dedicated to the future of the Union that believes in low taxation, enterprise and fairness. Scotland is an industrial nation and that will be protected. Falkirk is successful and UKIP wants to use it as an example the rest of the UK can follow.”

He said UKIP will use the money “squandered” on EU membership to raise personal tax allowances, invest billions of pounds more in the NHS, improve care for the elderly and create an environent that will encourage enterprise.”

The audience heard the manifesto is a “springboard” for UKIP to launch a bid to win a voice at Holyrood after the Scottish Parliament election next year.

On his prospects of becoming Falkirk’s next MP, Mr Coburn insisted: “We have been round the streets handing out leaflets and speaking to people and I have to say from the feeback we have a very good chance on winning.”