UK is ‘imploding’ because of Brexit says Falkirk East MP

Martyn Day MP.
Martyn Day MP.

Falkirk East and Linlithgow MP Martyn Day claims Scotland and its people ‘simply do not matter’ to the UK government, and argues the union is ‘imploding’ because of self-inflicted crisis.

The SNP MP yesterday made an impassioned plea aimed at rallying support for a new push towards independence.

His comments come as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon finds herself under pressure from some nationalists to begin the process for a second referendum on independence.

As chaos surrounds the beleaguered administration of Prime Minister Theresa May Mr Day said: “Our economy is under threat both from the PM’s deal or a no-deal Brexit - which the people of Scotland overwhelmingly rejected.

“It’s quite clear that Scotland and its people simply do not matter to the UK Government, and our concerns are being ignored”.

Mr Day added: “The SNP Scottish Government has delivered massive investment throughout Scotland despite the UK Government cutting £2 billion in real terms from Scotland’s budget.

“We are an energy rich country. Our food and drink industry is world-renowned.

“We’re at the cutting edge of the industries of the future like life sciences and advanced engineering.

“Tourism is booming and we have more top universities per head of population than almost any other country in the world.

“It is up to each of us to convince our friends, family and neighbours of the benefit of putting our own destiny in our own hands”.

At a conference in Paris today, Scottish Government external affairs secretary Fiona Hyslop will say: “We won’t be blackmailed into a bad deal as a choice against no deal – a better option is available.”

However Scottish Conseratives interim leader Jackson Carlaw has demanded at Holyrood that the First Minister remove what he sees as the threat of a second independence referendum.

He asked; “We need a first minister acting for all of Scotland, isn’t it time she acted in the national interest, not the nationalist interest?”

Ms Sturgeon has declined to confirm any time schedule for any new independence referendum until some clarity on plans for Scotland’s future emerges from the Westminster government’s ongoing turmoil.