UFO '˜sighting' over the Kelpies

Heather McEwan's photo of the 'UFO' at the KelpiesHeather McEwan's photo of the 'UFO' at the Kelpies
Heather McEwan's photo of the 'UFO' at the Kelpies
An amateur photographer believes she may have captured a UFO hovering over the Kelpies on camera.

Heather McEwan, from Falkirk, took some shots of the famous landmark on Sunday just after 10pm but didn’t notice anything at the time.

It wasn’t until the following day she noticed a “strange” cross-shaped object in the sky to the right of the head of Baron, the 30-metre high ‘head up’ Kelpie.

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Heather said: “I hadn’t noticed anything unusual as I was using a Sony compact camera and don’t have the best eyesight, although it must be said that I was concentrating rather intently on keeping my hand steady and trying to get the picture central.

“So, intent on taking a good picture and keeping my hand steady I clicked away. I came home and it wasn’t till the following day when I was showing my daughter the pictures that she spotted a strange object.

“Curious I took the camera to Asda and had the picture blown up. I contacted UFO website BEAMS (The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) and sent the picture.

“They were very interested and asked me to send the original files which I did. After examining the files they have agreed that it is not a plane or drone, nor is it a reflection from a camera and have now put it up as a UFO on their website.”

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Heather took a similar picture seconds after the first one and the shape has completely disappeared.

On the BEAMS website, its experts published an opinion on Heather’s photograph. It said: “The ‘cross’ isn’t a reflection – and we have never seen any atmospheric/sunlight/optical phenomenon or lens flare such as this before; it is also safe to say that drones and planes can be eliminated as the culprit, due to scale.

“However, it cannot be ruled out that accidental camera movement/shake may have caused slight elongation of the mystery shape to occur.”

BEAMS, founded in 1991, is a society consisting of active reporters and field investigators who factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to ‘earth mysteries’ which include: ley lines, terrestrial energies and ancient site anomalies, strange aerial happenings such as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and the paranormal such as spirit and psychic phenomena.

The Falkirk area is no stranger to UFOs, especially in Bonnybridge, which is said to be the UFO capital of the world with over 300 sightings.

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