Two out of five pensioners '˜worry about running out of money'

Nearly two out of five pensioners '“ the equivalent of 4.4 million people '“ fear running out of money in retirement as they don't have enough guaranteed income, new research from MetLife shows.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th December 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:50 pm
Nearly two out of five pensioners fear running out of money in retirement as they dont have enough guaranteed income.
Nearly two out of five pensioners fear running out of money in retirement as they dont have enough guaranteed income.

Its nationwide study found 38% of pensioners worry that their guaranteed retirement income is not sufficient for their needs underling the challenges for savers of balancing flexibility with guarantees.

The launch of pension freedoms has removed the need to guarantee any income in retirement but the research shows retirement savers increasingly recognise the need to have the majority of their retirement income guaranteed for life. MetLife is supporting moves to ensure savers understand the choices available to them and has launched a campaign to deliver Real Pension Freedom supported by advisers and focusing on the valuable role guarantees can play in retirement.

Around 75% of over-40s agree that having guaranteed income in retirement in addition to their State Pension is important. On average, savers want 60% of their retirement income to be guaranteed and more than a quarter (26%) say they want to have all their income guaranteed. This highlights the demand for newer solutions, such as guaranteed drawdown, which can provide flexibility as well as a guaranteed income for life.

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Simon Massey, Wealth Management Director at MetLife UK said: “The message from those who are already retired is that guaranteed income is absolutely vital in retirement planning.

“Millions of pensioners fear they don’t have enough guaranteed income and are worried about running out of money and the risk is that the problem is only going to get worse for savers who are coming to terms with the new pension freedoms.

“It is encouraging to see savers want to have an average 60% of their income in retirement guaranteed but they could face challenges in achieving that. People retiring now and in the future need to consider solutions such as guaranteed drawdown. It combines the certainty of a guaranteed level of income for life with the flexibility to access your savings if you need to and provides the potential for investment growth.”

MetLife’s study shows the average pensioner has around 68% of their retirement income including State Pension guaranteed for life. However, it warns that leaves millions at risk of having to cut back if the rest of their retirement income runs out.

Around half (49%) of pensioners questioned say some or all of their income comes from a workplace final salary scheme, the research found.

MetLife’s range of retirement and investment solutions has been designed to meet the need for a guaranteed level of income for life in retirement or a guaranteed capital amount at the end of a chosen term, with flexibility.

MetLife’s Retirement Portfolio, which was designed for pension freedoms, and its stocks and shares ISA Portfolio provide a choice of income and capital guarantees.

Customers can choose from a range of investments to build a personalised plan suited to the levels of risk they are willing to take, while having the choice of a valuable guaranteed level of income for life from age 55 or a guaranteed capital sum at the end of their chosen term.

In addition, the plans offer the potential for customers to increase the value of their guarantee through daily lock-ins of investment gains while enabling savers to start, stop and restart their income to suit their personal needs.