TV’s Kelly-Ann has her own
labour of love

A frantic phone call from the birthing pool wasn’t to alert Kelly-Ann Woodland’s husband or family to the imminent arrival of her son, but to cancel filming for the day on her other ‘baby’, The Lipstick Lounge.

The make-up website had already been long in the planning when Mikey, now 15 months, decided to make an early arrival at Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert but the soon-to-be-mum knew she still had work to do.

The Lipstick Loung filming with, left to right,  Kelly-Ann Woodland, Stacey Leigh Spalding, Jill Buchanan and Stuart Woodland cameraman

The Lipstick Loung filming with, left to right, Kelly-Ann Woodland, Stacey Leigh Spalding, Jill Buchanan and Stuart Woodland cameraman

As husband Stuart urged her to concentrate on her breathing, Kelly-Ann was on the phone cancelling the shoot that had already been planned.

She said: “I can laugh about it now, but at the time I just knew that I had to let people know the filming was off that day.”

The Lipstick Lounge offers online video tutorials to share secrets of how women can do their make-up like the professionals – and capture all the tips on how the stars manage to always look so glamorous.

As a well-known TV presenter and newsreader Kelly-Ann (33) is aware of the importance of looking good, but it was her own interest in make-up which was the inspiration for the website.

“I’ve always loved cosmetics and had gone on a couple of courses to learn more,” she said. “During my years in television, I’ve discovered more than a few tips and secrets.”

But it was during a chat with friend and celebrity make-up artist Annette Wiseman over two years ago that the idea for The Lipstick Lounge was born.

Kelly-Ann said: “I mentioned about the lack of good cosmetics sites on the web and we came up with the idea of offering step-by-step professional tutorials online.

“There are plenty of bad-quality videos online but very few shot by professionals featuring trained make-up artists demonstrating exactly how it is done.”

Ever the perfectionists, the pair took their time to ensure that when The Lipstick Lounge launched it would be exactly as they wanted it.

Meantime, Kelly-Ann (33) was busy travelling to her job in Glasgow from her then home in Polmont, to appear in front of the cameras from 6 a.m., as well juggling life as a new mum and pulling together plans for the new website.

Thankfully, she had the support of husband Stuart, who is originally from Brightons, and as a TV cameraman – the pair met at STV – was able to shoot all the films.

Several iconic locations have provided the backdrop for the film tutorials, including Cameron House, Hotel du Vin and House of an Art Lover in the west, but Falkirk’s Behind the Wall and Coffee on Wooer have also featured.

Kelly-Ann added: “We like to use a venue that is a bit different and both of these have made fabulous settings.”

Although the couple have now relocated to Balloch, Dunbartonshire, the local connection continues with one of the featured make-up artists Stacey Leigh Spalding from Falkirk.

Last Thursday she was in Behind the Wall for the latest filming where she recreated a Natalie Portman look.

Stacey, a former Beaconhurst pupil, had been considering studying art and spent some time at Glasgow’s Tramway before deciding to make a career out of her passion for make-up.

She worked with MAC cosmetics in Harvey Nichols which opened up opportunities to get involved in TV and was part of the crew on the popular ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’.

It was also the catalyst for her to take the big step into becoming a freelance make-up artist and, three years later, still aged only 24, she has a growing reputation and a diary packed with appointments from women of all ages keen for her to use her skills on them for special occasions.

She is also in demand for photo-shoots and earlier this year did the make-up for top model Anna Freemantle when she was working in this area.

But The Lipstick Lounge has given Stacey an opportunity to appear in front of the camera, something which she admits to initially finding a bit daunting but now enjoys.

“It’s getting the balance of being able to work and talk at the same time,” she said. “However, I’ve discovered it’s all in the preparation and, as well as ensuring that I have all the products with me that I might use, I also prepare a script to give me a guide to what I want to say.

“I’m really enjoying it and it’s been good to work in some great local locations.”

In the few weeks since its launch The Lipstick Lounge has already notched up a growing following from people keen to pick up tips and last month had more than 16,000 hits.

Kelly-Ann said: “As well as videos, the site has product reviews and news from the beauty world.

“We’ve discovered that people are also very interested in written tutorials, as well as the videos, which is something we will look at expanding.

“There are also plans to have a Lipstick Lounge Directory where make-up artists and companies can list their details.”

The videos feature celebrity looks with tips on how you can recreate their style, including Cheryl Cole, Katherine Jenkins, Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton.

Kelly-Ann, who studied politics at Glasgow University, admits that since her son’s birth her make-up regime has changed – from spending an hour getting her look right, she now takes only five minutes to apply her cosmetics.

She added: “I know lots of women are in the same position which is why we have included a section which shows you how to get the perfect look in five minutes.”

With the launch of the website, Kelly-Ann has also been offered a Friday night beauty slot on new channel STV Glasgow.

She added: “It’s strange talking about make-up instead of reading the news, but it’s something I love.”