Tuts is the first White Vinyl frontier


Detroit, Kingston and New York are probably the cities that spring to mind as hip hop hot spots but Falkirk could soon be added to that list.

White Vinyl Collective formed only a few months ago and are gearing up for their first gig - in the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.

Combining a Birmingham-born rapper with folk-loving Falkirk musicians sounds like a bizarre combo but somehow it works.

Guitarist Christopher Jackson, who is also a member of The Ray Summers, said: “I started writing music with Stevie Black but we didn’t set out to do hip hop.

‘‘However after we heard Leo rap we thought this could be interesting.

“Neither of us had every tried that genre but, before long, we had a gig worth of songs and more musicians roped in.”

WVC are Chris, Stevie, Leo Mayweather rapping, singer Craig Burke and Alan Hotchkiss on synth with Chris’ Ray Summers bandmates Lee Burgoyne, Davey Horne and Billy Kay lending a hand to the collective when needed.

Chris explained: “We want the band to be a collective and not all members playing on every song.

The rest of The Ray Summers are working with other bands too so I didn’t want to tie them down to this.

“The sound is completely different to The Ray Summers but I think it works and it’s refreshing to try something so different.”

While most of the band members are regulars on the Scottish music scene, with Stevie and Craig playing countless gigs with the Doledrums over the years, and The Rays having played all over the UK, the Tut’s gig on Saturday, December 10, will be the first time Leo has

ever performed to an audience.

Chris continued: “It’s quite a bit of pressure for him to be playing the first gig at a venue held in such high regard but I know he’ll be great.

‘‘We are all counting down the days and just hope everyone that ventures through likes our new sound.”

The band are releasing their debut single ‘Smile’ on December 12 and it will be available through digital music retailers. The video can be seen on YouTube now.

White Vinyl Collective are organising a bus through to the gig and spaces cab be reserved by visiting www.facebook.com/pages/white-vinyl-collective. Tickets for the King Tuts gig on December 10 are available from www.ticketweb.co.uk or through the band.

The following night, the boys will support Kassidy at PJ Malloys in Dunfermline.