Trinity launch for Falkirk’s new bipolar group

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A dedicated support group for local people with Bipolar Disorder has its first ever meeting on Tuesday in Falkirk’s Trinity Church.

The ambitious project aims to provide a practical helping hand to those affected by a condition suffered by as many as three in every hundred of the population.

Bipolar disorder, sometimes known as manic depression, is a mental illness whose main traits can include mercurial mood swings, from manic “highs” to depressive “lows”.

Men and women of any age, and from any social or ethnic background can develop the illness, and can initially be triggered by high stress - in women it can also be sparked by childbirth or during the menopause.

Bipolar Scotland says the key to coping with the disorder is an an early diagnosis, acceptance of the illness, and an ability for the sufferer to adapt their lifestyle so they are in control of the symptoms as much as possible.

It adds that medication, psychological therapies and self management all have a part to play in managing the illness.

Now people in Falkirk and surrounding areas have a local resource to call upon, with the launch of Forth Valley Bipolar Grouo, whose first meeting is in Trinity Church in Manse Place from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday - with fortnightly meetings from then on.

The sessions are free, and are aimed both at people with Bipolar Disorder and their friends, family and carers.

No referral or appointment is needed, and you don’t need to be a member of Bipolar Scotland.

The group aims to offer a forum where there’s the opportunity to meet new people and talk about bipolar-related issues, and regular guest speakers will talk on topics suggested by members.

Anyone with queries about either the group or the meeting can gain further information from Bipolar Scotland

on 0141 560 2050.