Travel update: Latest situation for Falkirk roads

Picture: Michael GillenPicture: Michael Gillen
Picture: Michael Gillen
Road conditions will continue to be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous throughout the day.

A statement on Falkirk Council website reads: “Ploughing of priority carriageway routes has continued throughout the day. Conditions have been extremely challenging for our teams with continuous snowfall and high winds causing snow to drift.

“In many places gritters have not managed to keep priority roads clear, however, we have had assistance from external contractors who have provided labour and machinery to clear snow drifts.”

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The following routes have been affected most due to snow drifts and/or abandoned vehicles include:

A905 Bothkennar junction to South Bellsdyke Roundabout – road currently closed due to drifting snow.

A905 north of Airth to Council boundary. Snow drifts are being cleared by JCB and a gritter. Treatment is continuous due to snow blowing on to road from fields.

B803 Falkirk to Slamannan – road now passable.

Limerigg/Slamannan area – JCB has been working with a gritter all day to clear drifting snow. Road will be gritted following snow clearance.

California to Maddiston - now passable.

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Avon Gorge clear, however there is some drifting between Bowhouse Roundabout and the Gorge itself.

Shieldhill area roads are improving

A contractor is assisting between Avonbridge and Standburn, again, drifting snow is the problem.

Whitecross to A803 – a Grounds Maintenance tractor is working to clear snow.

Grangemouth area is slushy, but roads are passable.

Polmonthill near ski slope – road not passable – too dangerous for a gritter to attend alone – awaiting mechanical excavator.

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Bo’ness – making some headway here, priority routes are improving.

Champany to Blackness – conditions very poor due to drifting. A local farmer is assisting in snow clearance worK.

According to police, conditions remain very challenging and they continue to urge people not to travel in the affected areas.

Falkirk Council assure: “Gritter drivers will change at 4pm and work will continue overnight and in to tomorrow morning. Routes are being ploughed in the main with no salting/gritting.

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“This will be reviewed as we make headway in clearing snow. Many routes have one lane clear only and it is not possible for vehicles to pass each other.”

Priority footpath treatment also started at 5am and will finish at 4pm, with further treatment undertaken from tomorrow morning (Saturday March 3) at 5am.

No grit bin filling work has been carried out today due to all available resources being deployed in clearing snow.