Travel the world with the latest instalment of the Herald’s great Disney encyclopedia

Joanne Davidson and Greig Avinou of Barrhead Travel check out the latest volume
Joanne Davidson and Greig Avinou of Barrhead Travel check out the latest volume

Although it is one of the busiest times of their year, the staff at Barrhead Travel in Falkirk are taking a break from work to brush up on their geography.

Luckily for them, the latest volume in our Disney encyclopedia series is the perfect way for them to learn more about all the countries of the world – ensuring they are in the perfect position to advise their customers.

‘The Atlas of the World’ is the seventh instalment of the fascinating ‘Wonderful World of Knowledge’ series.

In this volume, Mickey and the gang take you on a journey around the world – over seven continents, thousands of islands and more than 180 countries.

After explaining how maps work, there is information about a host of different countries.

For example, did you know that one in five of the world’s population is Chinese?

Or that, as well as being the saltiest sea, the Dead Sea is also the lowest place on the Earth’s surface?

As well as fascinating facts, the volume has information about the main attractions in each country featured as well as details of the different wildlife - for example, the Oryx of Oman or the Bactrian camels of Mongolia. You can also discover more about the economies of different countries and what they export around the world.

Photos and illustrations really bring the pages to life, and of course the friendly faces of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy make sure that the information appeals to all the family.

To purchase ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge - Atlas of the World ‘for just £2.99, cut out the coupon on page two of this week’s Herald and take it to a participating newsagent.

You can buy any volumes you have missed by e-mailing or calling 0800 328 4252.