Roadworks may cause delays for motorists across Falkirk district

These roadworks are currently taking place across the district and may affect your journey time.

Thursday, 19th May 2022, 3:18 pm

Airth: Cemetery Road, Signsafe Traffic, Water Mains Works 09/05/2022-22/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 9am-6pm

Bo'ness: A904, Falkirk Council, Test Street Lighting 24/05/2022-26/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 9.30am-3.30pm

Bo'ness: A904 near River View House, Scottish Water, 17/05/2022-22/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

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Roadworks are taking place across the district and affecting journey times

Bo'ness: C27 Borrowstoun Road, Coneworx Ltd, Network Upgrade 02/05/2022-17/06/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Bonnybridge: B816 @ Allandale Cottages, SGN, Gas Works 02/05/2022-20/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 8am-5pm

Brightons: B805 Maddiston Road, Class One TM, Power Works 11/05/2022-20/05/2022 Temp traffic lights

Carron: C116 Carronshore Road, Falkirk Council Roads, 17/05/2022-19/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Falkirk: B8080 Westburn Avenue, Centurion TM, Install New Telecoms 20/05/2022-23/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights8am-6pm

Falkirk: B816 Glenfuir Road, Firedstone Scottish Water 19/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 9.30am-3.30pm

Falkirk: B816 Glenfuir Road, SGN, 23/05/2022-23/08/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 8am-6pm

Falkirk: C15 Greenbank Road, Keltbray Distribution, Pylon Access 17/05/2022-20/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 9am-3.30pm

Falkirk: C2 Darnrigg Road, WGM Urgent Scottish Water works 25/02/2022-03/06/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 9.30am-3.30pm

Falkirk: C75 Gartcows Road, Freeflow Traffic, 19/05/2022-20/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Grangemouth: A904 Bo'ness Road, Class One TM, Power Works 12/05/2022-19/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 8am-6pm

Grangemouth: A905 Beancross Road from A905 Cadgers Brae R/A onto A905 Beancross Road, Falkirk Council, Road Improvement 23/05/2022-03/06/2022 Road Closure

Larbert: A9 Stirling Road, Clancy Water, Scottish Water Works 18/05/2022-27/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights

Larbert: B905 Denny Road, Advance Construction, 22/04/2022-12/08/2022 Temp Traffic Lights 8am-5pm

Maddiston: B805 Main Street, Clancy Water, Scottish Water Works 23/05/2022-29/05/2022 Temp Traffic Lights