High cost of clamping down on illegal parking

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Falkirk Council is spending over half a million pounds so it can fine motorists for illegal parking.

The local authority is carrying out work to replace road signs and markings as part of its application to the Scottish Government for a Designation Order for Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE).

This follows a decision by Police Scotland to withdraw its traffic warden service.

The council hopes to have the DPE in place by Autumn 2018 but part of the condition of it being granted is to ensure that all waiting restrictions are “robust” to allow enforcement.

Where previously road markings and a sign on a wall were considered sufficient for a waiting restriction or to identify blue badge parking, these are now being replaced with signage on poles.

Council leader Cecil Meiklejohn admitted that the new signs, particularly in residential areas, were not ideal but a necessary part of the legislative process.

The councillor said: “Falkirk Council is no different from any other local authority. The replacement of the signs and road markings is a rolling programme to allow the DPE to be granted.

“However, the costs involved will be recovered by any income from fines.”