First Bus director to answer questions following fares campaign

Councillor Craig R Martin has put bus fares under the spotlight
Councillor Craig R Martin has put bus fares under the spotlight

A councillor campaigning for cheaper bus fares in Falkirk is writing to the Transport Commission after more than 1300 people signed a petition.

Councillor Craig R Martin, who launched the campaign last week, is to use comments on his online petition by local bus users as “evidence” that Falkirk travellers are being ‘ripped off’ by excessive fares in comparison to other local authority areas.

Dr Martin said: “I think it is scandalous the prices we are charged for bus fares in Falkirk and it is clear that people who use the local feel the same.

“I have highlighted prices in other local authority that are much cheaper for similar journeys here. Just a short distance away in Cumbernauld in the SPT zone they enjoy both affordable bus and train prices and I find that unfair.”

He added: “We need more people to sign the petition to get First Bus to listen to a simple message – ‘stop ripping off Falkirk!’.

“There has been a flurry comments on the petition and social media by people who use local buses which firmly backs up what I am saying.

“I am going to use this as evidence and write to the Independent Transport Commission and any other authority to ask them to intervene on our behalf.”

First Bus says it is committed to a reliable and competitively priced service in the Falkirk area and is working on improvements to the local bus fleet.

Managing director of First Midland Bluebird, Paul McGowan, has agreed to answer questions put to him by The Falkirk Herald from bus users in Falkirk during a question and answer session next month.

If you have a legitimate complaint or question you would like us to ask Mr McGowan on your behalf regarding pricing and the quality of service, e-mail them to us at by the end of next week.