Falkirk drivers seem to be missing the point

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At least sixteen drivers from the Falkirk district are still on the road despite having 12 or more points on their licence.

The figures were revealed in a database compiled by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which has been seen by The Falkirk Herald.

Drivers who notch up 12 points within three years are usually disqualified but have been known to avoid bans by pleading hardship or loss of business in court.

It can also take months before each offence is processed by the authorities.

Three Falkirk drivers have managed to retain their licence despite having accumulated 15 points, while two others have 14 points.

A total of 6617 local motorists have at least five points.

The figures also reveal that drivers registered to an FK2 postcode - which covers Airth, Laurieston and the Braes - have the highest total of penalty points compared to other parts of the district.

Angus Maciver, chairman of the Forth Valley Group of Advanced Motorists, told The Falkirk Herald he was alarmed at the number of drivers in Falkirk that had accumulated such high numbers of points.

“I’m concerned that these people are still driving, although I would not question the decision to let them keep their licences as that is an issue for the courts,” he said.

“But if anyone has that many points on their licence then there’s clearly a lot wrong with their driving.

“There can be a number of reasons why someone can clock up so many points. For example, business people who are always in a hurry. But that’s not an excuse.”