Earls Gate roundabout gets facelift - at cost of £30,000

The additional signage will cost Falkirk Council �30,000
The additional signage will cost Falkirk Council �30,000

A roundabout that has been driving motorists round the bend is to get additional 
signage – at a cost of £30,000.

Earls Gate roundabout was revamped last year thanks to TIF (Tax Incremental Funding), with the busy Grangemouth junction getting traffic lights and additional markings on the road.

However, the ‘improvements’ were blasted by many road users, with some claiming the roundabout layout went against the Highway Code and others saying the signs were confusing.

Rosalind Flockhart said: “A few months ago I was driving round from the Falkirk side to Grangemouth and some old couple were driving round the wrong way! They passed me in the inside lane going towards McDonald’s, totally oblivious to everyone. Not sure if the signs would have helped them but it is a seriously bad roundabout, I avoid it as much as possible.”

An independent road safety survey was carried out by Falkirk Council and it has been decided to install additional signs at the approach to the roundabout.

A spokesperson from Falkirk roads department said: “A scheduled independent road safety review of the work was undertaken and a recommendation put forward for additional signs to be installed. This type of minor work is commonplace on such projects and while we recognise that there were some comments made by the public, this is not the reason for the work.”

Work will start later this month at a cost of £30,000 to the council.