Drivers warned to avoid Longcroft ‘road to nowhere’

Another car falls victim to Longcroft's 'road to nowhere' last month
Another car falls victim to Longcroft's 'road to nowhere' last month

Drivers are being urged to avoid taking ‘a road to nowhere’ near Longcroft and Banknock after several vehicles ran into trouble.

Cumbernauld Road – which runs south from where Glasgow Road meets Kilsyth Road at the former Masonic Arms in Longcroft – has not been a direct route since at least 2001, when it was gated off before it crosses the Forth and Clyde Canal.

It remains an access road for local houses and farms north of the waterway.

But drivers unfamiliar with the area are ignoring the prominent dead end road signs and presuming they can use it as a shortcut when heading to Cumbernauld - and have been running into difficulties as a result.

The problems arise when drivers discover they have hit a dead end and try to execute a three-point turn in the narrow country road to return the way they came.

Local resident Dave Mearns has seen four cars get stuck in the same spot in the past 11 months, and wants to see the road fencing improved so reversing vehicles are not in danger of slipping down the steep banking.

“The road outside our cottage is not adopted by Falkirk Council.

“In the very last portion of the road, just past the old yellow gate that is no longer standing, two cars have gone over the edge and down the steep embankment.

“Both times the drivers were trapped in their cars and the fire service as well as police had to attend. My guess is that the problem would be solved by bordering the edge of the drop with a stout piece of fencing.

“I have informed Transport Scotland of the problem, but it has done nothing.”