Camelon family pay tribute to tragic worker

Craig Tetsill, who was a Falkirk FC season ticket holder, pictured at a Bairns match
Craig Tetsill, who was a Falkirk FC season ticket holder, pictured at a Bairns match

A loving dad has paid tribute to his son who was killed in a tragic accident as he cycled home from work.

Craig Tetsill had just finished a hard day’s shift with father Andrew last Thursday evening when the tragedy happened near Gorthleck, Inverness-shire.

The pair from Camelon had been working in the area for several months laying water pipes on remote roads.

They cycled to work together but Andrew’s bike had broken the night before and he had to take a pick-up van that day.

As he was driving back to the compound he passed his son, who was heading back to their digs. In a freak accident, Craig’s bike skidded on the narrow road and he fell into the van sustaining a fatal blow to his head.

Andrew said: “There is a sharp edge on the road. I looked in the mirror and saw that he had plenty of room, but it had been raining and he must have skidded on the road and fell into the van.

“It was just a tragic accident that all happened in a split second.

“I’m a trained first aider and I’ve saved a few people before and I just expected him to come back too.

“I gave him mouth to mouth for about half an hour until the paramedics came but he didn’t make it. The whole family is devastated.”

Craig had just celebrated his 21st birthday on May 12 with his family paintballing the previous Sunday. The night before the incident he and his dad had enjoyed a meal and watched the Chelsea Europa League final game together as both of them love their football.

Andrew added: “Craig was Falkirk daft. He had a season ticket and loved going to watch them. He had his whole life in front of him and was doing really well for himself. He’d just passed his driving test and was really enjoying life.

““Not only have I lost my son, but I’ve lost a friend and workmate. We worked together before and he had been in this job for about a year.

“He played snooker every week and we used to play pool together in the local pool league with the Corner Pocket, but we hadn’t been doing that for the past year because we were working away.

“He was a popular boy who will be sorely missed. We will never forget him.”

Andrew’s partner of 15 years Janette Alton said the family are all proud of hard-working Craig.

She said: “Craig had grew up so much over the last couple of years. He was just turning into a man. We were all so proud of him.”

Craig’s mum Vicky Williams added: “I am extremely proud of my son and it comforts me that he was happy, working hard and enjoying his job before the tragic accident. I will never forget him and will love him always.”

Facebook has also been full of tributes to Craig with friends and family posting loving messages.

His funeral is being held on Saturday (May 25) at 11.30 a.m. at Falkirk Crematorium in Camelon.

The family say all friends of Craig are welcome to join them and wish to thank everyone for their comments and support at such a difficult time.