Traffic commissioner puts the brakes on taxi fares appeal

Taxi sign.SGD. 17734
Taxi sign.SGD. 17734

An appeal against the local authority’s decision not to increase Falkirk’s taxi fare scales was dismissed by Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner.

Following a review of the scales, Falkirk Council decided not to increase the tariffs which serve as the maximum fares which the 260 taxi operators in the area can charge passengers.

Licensed taxi operator John Nicol, of Kersiebank Avenue, Grangemouth, took exception to this and appealed against the decision.

He told the commissioner the costs for a new taxi are much greater than in the past, He said he felt current low fuel costs were out of step with the steady increases of past years and market experts predict a rise later in 2016.

Traffic commissioner Joan Aitken decided not to proceed with the appeal, stating Mr Nicol’s views were not representative of the substantial proportion of taxi operators in the area.

She added: “Mr Nicol’s appeal is in very general aggrieved terms. He does not state why his views should hold more weight than those of the councillors or those in the Taxi Forum consulted by the council.

“His apparent support is of roughly 10 per cent of operators. His appeal comes down to a limited statement of grievance rather than organised grounds of appeal.

“The council appears to have come to a view the status quo of no increase is appropriate to its area.”

Mr Nicol had not responded to The Falkirk Herald’s calls as the newspaper went to press.