Police checks on motorists aim to net drink and drug offenders

Police begin a two-week drink and drug driving blitz from Monday, with a special focus on trying to nab morning motorists still intoxicated from the night before.

Intelligence-led, high visibility patrols and roadside checks will be in operation throughout the fornight.

Head of Road Policing, Chief Superintendent Stewart Carle, said: “For many of us, the holiday season is just about to start so if you’re heading out to socialise and will be drinking alcohol please consider ‘how am I going to get home?’

“Whether it’s walking, catching the bus or train or arranging to share a taxi, please keep your car keys in your pocket, or better still, leave the car at home.

“I urge all drivers to abstain from alcohol if you are getting behind the wheel and remember that you may still be over the limit the following morning, so it is very important to limit the amount of alcohol you consume and leave plenty of time after your last drink before driving the next day.

“During last summer’s awareness campaign, 195 drivers were caught over the drink limit or intoxicated with drugs. Worryingly, many drivers are still putting themselves and others at risk of being killed or seriously injured.

“Most drivers understand the lasting damage that can be caused to themselves and others by drink/drug driving, but it is shocking that there remains a persistent minority who selfishly disregard the law and gravely and recklessly risk the safety of other road users.

“For those who ignore the law, there is a minimum 12 month driving ban when you are caught, a criminal record, a substantial fine and the possibility of a prison sentence and the confiscation of your motor vehicle.”