Falkirk council backs proposal to raise taxi fares

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If no one has any objections taxi fares in Falkirk will increase by 10 per cent – the first price hike for cabs in the area for five years.

At a meeting of Falkirk Council’s executive today, members agreed to proposals to the rise in fares, which would see the cost of a two-mile journey increase from £4.70 to £5.44.

If the proposals, which now go out to public consultation, are accepted then, as well as the 10 per cent increase in the running mile costs, there will also be a 50p increase on the flagfall price – the fixed initial charge incurred at the start of a taxi journey as part of the overall fare.

Councillor Laura Murtagh said: “It’s been five years since the fares have increased and this is the only way taxi drivers can get a wage increase. Things like the rising cost of fuel can make it harder for them to make a living.”

Members heard Falkirk offered the cheapest fares of all 32 Scottish councils, but if these increases were implemented then it would move up to around 22nd out of 32 local authorities.

Councillor Gordon Hughes said: “There hasn’t been a review of taxi fares since 2013, but nothing here is cast in stone. If there are any representations during the consultation report will come back to the council.”

Council leader Cecil Meiklejohn confirmed: “No final decision will be made today – it’s going out to public consultation first.”

If the new charges are approved they will come into force from midnight on August 31.