Council to cash in as most of Falkirk car park to be sold off

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Most of Kemper Avenue car park, near Falkirk town centre will be put up for sale, after councillors heard it was costing £13,000 a year to run.

However, by selling it off Falkirk Council could net a “significant” amount of cash.

Councillors were told that the car park, which has 199 spaces, was poorly used and a survey had shown that one Friday afternoon it had 16 vehicles at its busiest, while one Saturday just 13 vehicles were parked at the busiest time.

The car park brings in £6000 from parking charges but costs the council £19,000 to maintain and manage, Falkirk Council’s executive committee heard on Tuesday.

A report to the executive stated: It is considered that there is demand in the property market for sites near the town centre. This site provides an opportunity to attract new investment with benefits for the locality by being developed for another purpose.

“Given the site’s distance from the High Street it is considered that sale of this site will have no effect on the Council’s aspirations for the town centre. It does offer potential to generate a significant capital receipt.”

The council agreed to keep around 36 spaces to meet the needs of the general public and local residents.

Councillors agreed that selling 0.47 hectares of the car park will not only save money but could create economic development and regeneration benefits.

The site will go on the open market and any development will be subject to planning consent.