Top jobs to go at council

Rose Mary Glackin
Rose Mary Glackin

Senior management positions at Falkirk Council will reduce even further in a move which will see officers leaving and not being replaced.

In recent months a number of chief officers have gone, including head of housing Jennifer Litts and deputy chief finance officer Susan Mathers, while chief governance officer Rose Mary Glackin is leaving at the end of the month, head of planning and transportation John Angell is stepping down in April and head of social work Kathy McCarroll is going in August.

In the last six years the council has reduced the number of chief officer posts from 29 to 19 to save around £750,000.

Following this year’s budget meeting it was agreed to cut the number of posts even further, from 19 to 16, to generate a further £140,000 in savings.

In the budget report it was stated, while the deputy chief finance officer position has been deleted, the posts of head of social work and chief governance officer will be filled when they become vacant, since they are both statutory officer roles and, as such, are not considered jobs which can be lost.

The head of social work will now be referred to as the head of social work children’s services to distinguish the position from the head of social work adult services.

The report stated: “There are currently two chief officer posts within the governance division – the chief governance officer and a chief officer level depute. To take account of the need for the council to continue to achieve savings, it is proposed this be reduced to one chief officer post.”

Mr Angell’s post, which becomes vacant on April 19, will lead to a restructuring in development services which will see the number of heads of service in the department fall from four to three.