Top award for Grangemouth’s school of aerial artistry

A dynamic Grangemouth-based “circus school” is flying high into 2020, after winning Best Pole Class Of The Year in the UK and Europe from Luxury Travel Guide.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 5th January 2020, 2:44 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th January 2020, 3:02 pm

For founder Miriam Wolanski the accolade is a reward for the hard work she and three other tutors at the locally-based studio have committed to the steady expansion of the venture over several years - and also a way of bringing their aerial skills to a truly international audience.

However while Miriam (who is from Grangemouth) is already signed up for touring stints this year in places as diverse as Bali and New Zealand she says local residents come first and foremost in her plans.

She was heading for a career as a biology teacher some 17 years ago before she took an interest in aerial acrobatics, which soon escalated from niche pursuit to all-consuming passion.

“I was eventually able to make it a career move and start my own business,” she says, “and we’re now increasingly well known.

“It started off with pole acrobatics but we now cover virtually anything which involves dangling from a height - and we cater for adults and children of both sexes”.

Her students do not all envisage joining a circus, and see aerial artistry as a healthy living discipline which delivers many different benefits.

Anyone who saw the Rough Castle “Legion” production will have seen Miriam and her team performing a series of stunning acrobatic feats while suspended from the branches of trees.

However students can obviously expect more conventional exercises indoors as they gradually expand both their confidence and skill.

Miriam said: “We hope to add classes for people with additional support needs in the not too distant future, because we consider they can benefit just as much as anybody else”.

Meantime she says she’s delighted to be starting 2020 with a Luxury Travel Guide Award, which will be taken by many as a ringing endorsement of the style and quality of her venture.

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