Tony had his career all mapped out

Tony Baginski
Tony Baginski

A cartographer knew exactly where he was throughout a half century dealing with the ups and downs of his career with Ordnance Survey.

Tony Baginski (66), from Brightons, started working for the organisation back in the mid-1960s when he was 16 and over the next 50 years went on to help map every inch of the country.

He said: “I started my career as a draughtsman at Ordnance Survey Offices. The map drawing and production was interesting but my love of the outdoors made office life not as attractive as the work of Ordnance Survey field surveyors I met.”

Taking on the role of a surveyor, Tony learned his trade by helping map southern England before moving back to Scotland in the late 60s.

Tony said: “The technology in the early days was basic – sharp pencil, tape measure, scale, set-square and lots of skill. Then the 1990s saw the emergence of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

“Work as an OS Surveyor for me has been a passion. What other job could offer the chance to see every part of Scotland? Breathtakingly beautiful places few people have seen.”

Now he has hung up his surveying equipment, Tony will be able to see much more of his wife Evelyn (64) and their sons, Mark (40) and Paul (38).