Tired but happy after table tennis exploits

Teams from 7th Falkirk ( St James Church) and 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) flew from Edinburgh to Southampton on May 10 to compete in the BB UK table tennis finals at 9 a.m.

Dylan Jenkins, Rob Urquart and Christopher McNiven from the 7th fell at the final hurdle where the current holders, 4th Southampton, prevailed. 1st Grangemouth were placed fourth.

All returned to Edinburgh tired but happy at their achievement, as sole Scottish representatives.

The Grangemouth boys were also involved the night before at their parents night at Bowhouse Primary School.

The inspecting officer was the MD from Highland Fuels, George Shand, who presented the company with a laptop. Billy Rankine, battalion CS secretary also presented the company with the General Efficiency Trophy.

A fundraising event on May 13 boosted company finances by £685. This will perhaps help with their camp at Ayton, near Eyemouth, in July.

In six national competitions, two were won by Scottish companies, two by English and two Irish. 65th Edinburgh won Masterteam and 2nd Gourock the Junior 5s.

At the convenors’ meeting on May 12, a fairly full programme of events was scheduled for next session but it was clear that, unless help was found, football would be compromised. Queen’s Badge advisors are still required too.

My own personal involvement in football amounts to my last being at a ‘real’ game around 1957, assiduously avoiding such association since!

However, due to a family cabal making me an offer I could not (dare to) refuse, I found myself at Falkirk Stadium recently where I was again acquainted with the reasons for my long absence!

Actually it was a BB convention, judging the number of officers present and either witnessing my plight or hearing of it. ‘Street-cred’ now zero!