Times of change in Falkirk

FIVE hundred council workers will find themselves under new bosses from the summer.

While the staff are still in shock at the decision to transfer most of

Falkirk's leisure services to a trust, colleagues are already working out how to get the new body up and running.

It has left council union leaders in a quandary.

Gray Allan, secretary of the Falkirk Council branch of the local

government union Unison, said: "Our members are in shock at the moment. This has been hanging over them for months, but now it's actually been done in advance of the budget.

"These employees chose to work within public services and now

they are being transferred out. It's a stark choice for us - do we continue to fight this and look for ways to stop it or do we start negotiating with the old employer, the council, and the new employer, the trust, for the most favourable terms of transfer we can get."

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