Thomas and Margaret celebrate 70 years of marriage

Thomas and Margaret Scotland
Thomas and Margaret Scotland

There was a platinum party for a couple as they celebrated an impressive 70 years together.

Thomas (89) and Margaret (88) Scotland met back in 1945 while out cruising in Bo’ness. Margaret explained cruising was when groups of friends would walk round the town.

The couple outside their first home after tieing the knot

The couple outside their first home after tieing the knot

She said: “There was nothing else to do so that is what we did. The boys would walk round one way and the girls the other. That is how I met Thomas.”

The couple would also spend their nights at the dancing at the canteen in the sawmill in the town.

Thomas said: “There was a big pole in the middle that everyone used to dance round. It was a great laugh.”

When he was a teenager Thomas worked at the Thomson and Balfour sawmill and during his time there suffered an accident that cost him some of his fingers.

He went on to work as an architect, mainly designing windows. Margaret was a shop assistant in a florist that also sold fruit.

The couple were married on March 29, 1946 in Carriden Church and can remember the first house they lived in together.

Thomas said: “The whole house was not much bigger than our living room now. It was so different back then, the toilet was outside and your bath could be the kitchen sink.”

The couple had six children together; Derek, Brian, Andrew, Kenneth, Doreen and Janette, with most of the family still living close by in Bo’ness.

The Scotland clan also includes seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and most will be in attendance for the dinner celebrations later this month.

The family being so close to Margaret has meant she never misses out on a big milestone for her grandchildren.

She said: “We have memories in Bo’ness that spans generations. I can remember my family being part of the Bo’ness Fair, where everyone used to play and I also see how it has all changed.”

During their 70 years together the couple have seen the world. Margaret said: “From Blackpool to Australia we have seen it all.

“We love getting away, meeting new people and seeing the world.”

The couple say their relationship has lasted through give and take. Margaret said: “Or just when Thomas does as he is told.”