There will be blood on the lanes of Camelon

Blood will spill, heads will roll and pins will fall at Camelon’s Pro Bowl.

The competition at the popular 10-pin bowling alley can be fierce at the best of times, but it will become a matter of life and death when actor Dayle Teegarden and director Ian Vaughan Jones bring their film crew onto the lanes later this year.

Dayle Teegarden stars as Dead Dude in 'Pinfall'

Dayle Teegarden stars as Dead Dude in 'Pinfall'

The film producers plan to have a ‘dead good time’ shooting their “Big Lebowski meets Shaun of the Dead” horror epic ‘Pinfall’ at the Pro Bowl, which had just the right “1980s vibe” they were 
looking for.

After purchasing the long lost ‘Pinfall’ script, a collaboration between father of the zombie film George A Romero and master horror writer Stephen King, Welsh-born director/producer Ian got his American actor pal Dayle on board and the pair decided to strike while the iron was hot, securing the Pro Bowl as the main location for the film.

Ian said: “I’m a huge fan of the film ‘Creepshow’ and director George Romero. The original film had five stories in it and ‘Pinfall’ was going to be one of the stories included in ‘Creepshow 2’.”

However, the story did not make it into the 1987 sequel due to budgetary constraints and lay gathering dust for decades before Ian 
uncovered it.

He said: “It’s a grey area as to who actually owns the script – we’ve been talking to George Romero’s manager and he says George doesn’t own it. Stephen King doesn’t own it. The Creepshow 
director doesn’t own it.

“We bought the script but we don’t know if anyone owns it. This thing has been lying in limbo for years.”

Dayle and Ian have worked on a number of projects together over the last few years, but ‘Pinfall’ is their most exciting, and potentially most successful, collaboration to date.

Ian said: “I just want people, including Stephen King himself, to see this film that never had a chance to get made back in the 1980s finally get made.”

Dayle added: “We want that, but we also want this to propel our own careers forward and get some recognition. None of the films I have made with Ian have ever had a bad review.”

‘Pinfall’ is a true King 
classic, dealing with two rival bowling teams competing for a million dollar prize in a grand final showdown.

On one side we have the good old boys. All beer 
bellies and mullets, they are the form team who enjoy the games and don’t take things too seriously.

“I’m already training to gain my belly and working on growing my mullet,” laughed Dayle. “Every time I do a film with Ian he tells me not to shave or get my hair cut.”

On the other side there are the stuffy no-nonsense types who take a professional attitude to bowling. Jealous of the success of their fun-loving rivals they plot to bring about their downfall.

Tampering with the team’s vehicle, the pros’ interference has tragic consequences and the good ol’ boys crash and burn to death on the eve of the big match.

However, in true Stephen King style, with a Romero twist, Dayle and the good ol’ boys rise from the dead to take their revenge.

Kentucky-born actor Dayle has been in the profession for 20 years, moving to Los Angeles and appearing in a number of productions before meeting his Scottish wife and settling down to have a family in Bo’ness.

Dayle said: “I’m a bit far away from the action as far as acting jobs are concerned, a lot of auditions tend to 
happen down in London. We’ve got five kids and I would much rather be raising them in Bo’ness than LA.”

Dayle met Ian, the director of a number of acclaimed short horror films and thrillers, at a casting call six years ago and they have been film making partners ever since.

The duo got a lucky break with the ‘Pinfall’ script and another one when Camelon’s Pro Bowl gave them permission to film on the premises.

Dayle said: “When I had the initial meeting with them and told them we would be bowling body parts down their lanes they were 
actually okay with it. They close at 10 p.m. so we’re going to film from then right through to 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. the next morning.

“They’ve been really great with us from the start and let us come in whenever we want to film updates for our website.”

The film makers have now set up a Kickstarter page 
online and other fundraising ventures, including selling their own range of limited edition ‘Pinfall’ t-shirts, in an effort to get some of the £6000 they require to make the film.

“That would be the 
absolute minimum we could scrape by on and make the film,” said Dayle. “Special 
effects can be done a lot cheaper these days than when Creepshow was made in the 1980s.”

And special effects are a must for this gory tale of 
murder, revenge and bowling.

To this end, Dayle and Ian already have an experienced make-up artist signed up and his skills, which have graced films like ‘Aliens 3’, will 
certainly be put to good use in ‘Pinfall’.

The project has already generated a lot of interest worldwide and even featured on the famed Ain’t It Cool News website.

In a film which will no doubt be full of cinematic references, Ian plans to have the evil bowlers dressed in the same colours as the Cobra club baddies in ‘Karate Kid’ and Dayle will be playing “Dead Dude” in tribute to Jeff Bridge’s star turn in ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Dayle’s countryman, actor Tim Seyfert, has already signed up for the film and more roles will be cast as the production moves forward.

“We plan to start filming in Camelon in September,” said Ian. “It should take us about a year to complete.”