Theft shock for Tamfourhill PO couple

Ann Staves at the post office
Ann Staves at the post office

The owners of a post office have talked of their distress at being the victims of a robbery just weeks before they were due to retire.

Thieves made off with almost £6000 after gaining access to the cash drawer at Tamfourhill Post Office at around 1.05 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11.

Ann Staves (57) and Jim Kane (63) have run the shop in Cumbrae Drive for the past 16 years and said it was the first time that such an incident had taken place.

The theft could scarcely have come at a worse time as Ann and Jim had finally succeeded in selling the business and were looking forward to a happy end to their careers as sub-postmasters.

“We’ve loved our time here, the people of Tamfourhill are wonderful,” said Ann, who is originally from Glasgow but now lives in Plean.

“We know most folk and have enjoyed almost every day working here. There’s been no problems - until this happened. We were horrified.”

The shocking incident took place in a matter of seconds.

Following a regular staff changeover at 1 p.m., the door to the sealed post office 
booth was left unlocked momentarily.

A man ran in and made straight for the cash drawer before making off in a light blue car, driven by a waiting male driver.

“I saw the post office door open, I shouted, and he dropped some of the cash as he made off,” explained Ann.

“I started after them. It’s just instinct, but I would have been in no position to challenge two men even if I had caught up with them.”

Ann suspects that the thief was lurking in the shop in the moments before the robbery, as there was no sound of the shop’s front door being opened.

“Someone knew the routine.” she added.

“It seems too big a coincidence that this would happen at the time of a staff changeover, as well as on Jim’s day off.”

Ann has been left traumatised by the incident, but returned to work the following day along with Jim.

For them, it’s business as usual and they are both determined to enjoy their remaining days in Tamfourhill before they hand over the shop to its new owner on July 27.

“People have been very supportive,” said Ann. “Although this week has been stressful, we’ll always remember our time here fondly.”

Police are appealing for information regarding the theft.

A Central Scotland Police spokeswoman said: “We are keen to trace two men who left the area in a light blue coloured car.

‘‘Should anyone have been in the area at the time and witnessed anything suspicious we urge them to come forward.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 01786 456000. Details can be given anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.