The Wedding Singer rocks Falkirk

The Wedding Singer will be at FTH until Saturday
The Wedding Singer will be at FTH until Saturday

Falkirk Bohemians bring 1980s greed, shoulder pads and - of course - mullets to the stage in their production of The Wedding Singer.

The talented theatre group took on the musical of the much loved cult film and the show is at Falkirk Town Hall until Saturday.

The Wedding Singer will be at FTH until Saturday

The Wedding Singer will be at FTH until Saturday

This is the tale of Robbie Hart (Iain Davidson), a wedding singer who finds his career in tatters when his evil fiancée Linda (Kirsty Meikle) ditches him at the altar.

Luckily new friend Julia (Stephanie Duncan) is on hand to help, even if she is engaged to equally evil Glen (Maurice Pryke).

The movie version is a guilty pleasure in my DVD collection so the cast had a challenge to do justice to the parts made famous by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Iain Davidson and Stephanie Duncan are fantastic as the star crossed lovers, with Stephanie possessing the stage persona and singing voice that could easily hold it’s own in the West End. The parts require good comic timing, strong singing voices and the ability to handle the more serious moments and the duo did so with aplomb.

Supporting the leads were Shelley Procek and Michael Coyne in the best friend roles and were well cast, delivering some of the best lines in the show. Every musical needs its villains and Maurice Pryke was excellent as the money obsessed Glen. I suspect he drew some inspiration from the Wolf of Wall Street character for his portrayal of Julia’s fiance who dines on burgers while his steak is at home. Kirsty Meikle is super as skanky Linda, who leaves our hero at the altar and the actress keeps the part from swaying into panto baddie - plus her Madonna-inspired bridal outfit gave me ideas for a Halloween costume.

Kenny Walker and Joyce Gallacher stole almost every scene in the character parts of a Boy George obsessed George and Robbie’s straight talking granny. It was hard to take your eyes off them, with Kenny camping it up, while Joyce’s role included breakdancing, Dirty Dancing style lifts and a hilarious Jane Fonda workout scene.

Katie Gardiner was excellent as Julia’s mum, with her New Jersey accent straight from The Sopranos, while Colin Fawkes seems to have been type cast as the drunk, playing a wasted best man in the part made famous by Steve Buschemi and of a bar bum with both parts raising belly laughs in the stalls.

The chorus was tight with their choreography and support in scenes and it’s obvious that the young cast are energetic and passionate, with every actor giving it their all on stage, regardless of how big or small their role.

The costumes were migraine inducing and reminded me I was lucky to hardly be around in the 80s, it really was the decade fashion forgot and the wedding and bridesmaid dresses are some of the most disgusting items of clothing ever to be made.

The Wedding Singer is a light hearted romp through the 80s with references to popular culture, music and fashion and the Falkirk Bohemians did a formidable job of bringing the story to life.

The band were incredible, lighting spot on and the musical direction brilliant - it was one of the most flawless opening nights I’ve seen.

Robbie Hart - Iain Davidson, Sammy - Michael Coyne, George - Kenny Walker, Harold Fonda, Second Waiter, Ricky & Mr T - David Young, Debbie Fonda - Natalie Gourlay, David Fonda, Mookie, Bar Bum and Ronald Reagan - Colin Fawkes, Julia Sullivan - Stephanie Duncan, Holly - Shelley Procek, Glen - Maurice Pryke, Rosie - Joyce Gallacher, Priest & Bride’s Father - Chris Brooks, Linda - Kirsty Meikle, Angie - Katie Gardiner, Chrystal - Lesley Kettles, Tiffany - Cairy McNeil, Donnie - Steffan McGechie, First Waiter - Mr E Guest, Donatella McDonough - Kirstin Jalland, Shane McDonough - Kevin O’Raw, Bad Haircut Guy - Martin Williamson, Sideburns Lady & Junior Secretary - Lisa Goldie, Large Lady & Imelda Marcos- Marianne Herron, Sales Clerk - Lois McNinch, Glen’s Secretary - Lorna Gallacher, Second Suit - Louise Freck, Airline Agent - Karen Chambers, Billy Idol - Matthew Knowles, Cyndi Lauper - Chloe Kennedy, Tina Turner - Rebecca English.