The party of the century

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Just like any good party, Joanna Adam’s birthday bash had cake, music, dancing and laughter.

But one big difference was that Miss Adam had a birthday card from the Queen to mark her 100th birthday.

But the extra special party held at Robertson Court Sheltered Housing had a very local and community feel as Miss Adam was joined by boys and girls from Stenhousemuir Primary School who danced and presented the birthday girl with cupcakes.

The Primary three pupils know Miss Adam well as she is one of the residents who visit the school to teach the youngsters about days gone by.

And Joanna, affectionately known in Robertson Court as Joey, loved watching the children celebrate and listened to her life story read by one of the staff.

She said that the day was quite “emotional” and that she was happy.

Born in Falkirk’s Victoria Road on January 14, 1913, Joanna attended the local primary school, but soon continued her education by learning cooking and sewing.

She remembers playing as a child in the closes near her home and generally “running about”.

She left school at 14, and announced it to her family by throwing her school bag in the corner and saying she had left; her parents were shocked but “didn’t say a word”.

She worked in various places over the years, including working as a typist for a lawyer, and lived in different places including Mungalhead Road, Dollar Avenue, and Chapel Drive in Stenhousemuir.

Her recollections of WW2 are thar life pretty much continued as normal aside from rationing of food and clothes.

She remembers the creation of the National Health Service as she recalls “lots of people getting glasses and teeth”.

She retired at 61 and has only lived in supported accommodation for the past two years.

Throughout her life, she had enjoyed piano playing and is an active member of the Baptist Church which she attends every Sunday.

And she does have one piece of advice on how to live a long and happy life - “trust in the Lord”.