The Herald goes on arch patrol in Grangemouth

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Superheroes, monstrous high school students, furious feathered friends and a certain dynamic duo from Peckham brightened up the streets of Grangemouth last weekend.

The Falkirk Herald set off on another annual arch patrol on the eve of Grangemouth Children’s Day and it was not long before we came to a shocking realisation - there were no Disney Princess displays.

Lady in Waiting Natalie Whyte is pretty in pink

Lady in Waiting Natalie Whyte is pretty in pink

One sneaked into the myriad of colourful characters in the garden of Lady in Waiting Karis Black’s Grange Place garden but, other than that, the closest you got to the traditional scene was was fellow Lady in Waiting Lauren McLachlan’s redheaded tomboy Merida and her castle.

Computer games made their presence felt in a big way, and as more and more youngsters get their hands on Wiis, Playstations and Xboxes it’s only natural their new favourite characters would come from that world.

Herald Gordon Patterson was the most overt, actually boasting an Xbox-themed arch featuring his favourite games and Courtier Calum Rooney coming up with the infuriating, but undeniably cute, Angry Birds Space, complete with working catapult. Lady in Waiting Natalie Whyte rounded out the computer entries with her all singing, all dancing ‘Just Dance 4’ arch.

Cartoon characters are always popular and Monster High had not one, but two arches this year with Lucy Kemp and Kayla White getting into the gruesome groove. The Bash Street Kids made their naughty presence felt in Portal Road in Kelsie Laverty’s Beano-themed arch and Michelle Faichney and Katie Merrilees showed their affection for Hello Kitty and 101 Dalmatians respectively.

Superheroes were all present in correct from both the Marvel and DC comics universe, with Harris Fosters’ amazing Spiderman-dominated arch and Ryan Madden’s Lego Batman and associated goodies and baddies.

Favourite films are always popular and Brook Mackowiak displayed both her love of animals and her enjoyment of family comedy ‘Hotel For Dogs’ with her arch.

From the big screen to the small screen and Katie Louise Waters transformed Portal Road into Nelson Mandela Place to celebrate Del Boy, Rodney and the rest of the gang from ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

Queen Georgia Forsyth caught the rock ’n’ roll fever gripping Falkirk last weekened with her ‘Rock the Palace’ arch and Jennifer Clark came over all European with her Paris-themed creation - which included a scale model of the Eiffel Tower.