Text of the Week

Rev Ruth Innes
Rev Ruth Innes

‘When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, Mary and Joseph brought Jesus up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.’ (Luke 2:22)

Although the shops would have us believe that Christmas finished on 25 December, it is actually not the end of the Christmas season in the church’s calendar until Thursday, February 2 – the Feast of the Presentation of Christ (aka Candlemas).

Forty days after a male child was born, a Jewish woman had to take him to the temple for purification.

It’s also time to creep out of the hibernation of winter. It’s the time of germination, time to plant.

This is a traditional time for new beginnings.

When Mary took the infant Jesus to the temple a holy man, Simeon, recognizes him as the Christ, calling him ‘a light for revelation’.

So on this day we light candles, and give thanks for the light of the world.

And if you haven’t made any New Year Resolutions yet, then this is also the time to light a fire or candle and spend some time in meditation thinking of what seeds you hope to plant this year. What do you hope to accomplish?

May God’s blessings and light shine upon you and yours.

Rev Ruth Innes, Episcopalian Christ Church, Falkirk