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Passengers are fed up with bus services and want answers from the operator.

First, Britain's biggest bus company, has come under fire for the large number of delays affecting local journeys.

Badly maintained vehicles are also an issue with passengers.

But last night (Wednesday) the bus operator was staying tight-lipped and failed to come up with any answers to the complaints despite several calls from the Herald.

People are complaining about being left waiting at bus stops for services that are either late or fail to turn up.

Some travellers report being told by drivers that there are not enough buses to cover the routes because vehicles were taken off the road.

Another unhappy bus user said she was repeatedly late for work when her usual service was withdrawn because the vehicle was needed to cover a school run.

The woman said: "I rely on a regular bus service to get me to and from work during the week, yet I consistently find myself standing at bus stops waiting 30-45 minutes on a bus service that is supposed to run every 10 minutes.

"When a bus finally arrives, there are so many people waiting to get on that some are left to wait another half hour for the next one."

Barbara Copeland of Rumford catches two buses on her journey to Falkirk Royal Infirmary where she is an admin worker.

She said over the past week the service had deteriorated even further.

She added: "The usual journey time is 40 minutes but last Friday it took me twice that time to get home.

''I was standing at the bus stop along with several elderly people who had been at the hospital clinics. It certainly wasn't good for them to stand all that time in the cold and rain.

"I don't drive and rely on the bus service to get me to work. I pay full fare and think passengers deserve a better service. However, I do feel sorry for the drivers who are getting all the flak when it's not their fault."

Mrs Copeland called on First to provide more details for passengers.

She added: "There is no information available about what services have been taken off. It's ridiculous that I live just six miles from work and it takes me over an hour to get home."

Falkirk East MSP Cathy Peattie said she had been inundated with constituents complaining about poor bus service, particularly from young mums and the elderly.

She said: "I've had old folk tell me about getting hospital appointments after waiting months and then the bus doesn't turn up to take them there.

''Also, mums with prams and disabled people are complaining about the lack of easy-boarding buses and not getting any information provided about when they will be running.

"People need a reliable service – particularly the elderly who can't afford to jump in a taxi if a bus doesn't turn up."

Mrs Peattie said she had already had meetings with First over the situation and hoped to arrange another one shortly.