Teen’s heroics help highlight Falkirk Helix pond danger

Dominic Hamilton and mum Diane
Dominic Hamilton and mum Diane
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A quick-thinking teenager helped save a young boy who found himself out of his depth in the Helix pond.

Larbert High School pupil Dominic Hamilton (13) was paddling in the pond when he noticed the nine-year-old sink beneath the surface. He immediately hauled him to safety, carrying him back to the bank and his mother.

The boy’s mum, who did not want to be named, said: “I just saw his hands flapping and then the bigger boy, Dominic, scoop him up and out of the water. My son is not a strong swimmer and he got a real fright.

“I was in shock for about an hour after it happened. I couldn’t thank Dominic enough.”

Dominic, of Carronside Road, Bainsford, received a thank you card, box of chocolates and a scratch card for his efforts on Friday, July 25 - a hot day which saw scores of youngsters using the pond to cool off.

“After I got him out of the water I asked him, ‘Where’s your mum wee man?’,” said Dominic. “He pointed her out and I took him over to her.”

Mum Diane Hamilton (48) said: “I’m just dead proud of him.”

Both Diane and the nine-year-old boy’s mum said the incident highlighted just how dangerous the Helix pond can be for younger children who are perhaps unaware of how deep it is in certain sections.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service group manager Stuart Stevens said: “We are frequently called to incidents where young people get into difficulty when swimming in open water.

“There is no way of knowing what lies beneath the surface of the water. The water may also feel relatively warm on the surface, but can be icy cold even in the hot weather.”