Tamfourhill mum’s cab drugs horror

Nine-year-old Dane McLuckie
Nine-year-old Dane McLuckie

A horrified mum said her disabled son was moments away from eating drugs he found in a taxi taking him to school.

Wilma Forsyth initially thought it was a piece of rubbish the youngster had picked up, but only later made the shock discovery which she believes was a wrap of heroin.

The mother-of-five snatched the tiny package from the youngster and threw it on the ground.

But later she went back to check and on picking it out of the gutter made the shock discovery.

Police are now analysing the contents of the wrap to determine what it contained.

Wilma (32) said her second youngest child, Dane McLuckie (9) has been attending the Time Zone, Maddiston Primary’s additional support for learning, for the last five years.

He has severe learning difficulties including autism, ADHD and epilepsy.

His mum said: “He can’t speak and has no sense of danger. He will put anything he picks up in his mouth, whether it is a piece of fluff or a crumb.

“You have to keep an eye on him all the time.”

Wilma said the taxi with a passenger escort which has been picking Dane up from their home in Corrie Place, Tamfourhill for the last three years, had arrived at 8.40 a.m. on June 4 as usual.

She added: “He got in and the next thing I saw he had something in his hand that he was putting to his mouth. I grabbed it off him and threw it away. But something made me go back out and, when I picked it out of the gutter, I was sure it was a wrap of heroin.”

Wilma, who also has daughters aged 14, 13, 11 and seven, immediately contacted the school, Falkirk Council, who provide the transport for Dane, and the police.

She said: “I wouldn’t let him go back in the taxi at first but after speaking to the firm and being given assurances the vehicles would be checked I’m letting him travel with them again.”

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “Our passenger assistant who was travelling in the vehicle has reassured us that the pupil was in no danger at any time.

“We have, as a precaution, reported this matter to Police Scotland.

“Contractors we use have to ensure the safety, security, dignity and comfort of pupils in their care.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Officers are investigating after receiving a report of the discovery of a wrap of powder in a taxi in Falkirk. Inquiries are continuing while police determine what the wrap contained.”