Sunbathing pine marten spotted at Skinflats

editorial image

Skinflats Nature Reserve had an unusual visitor yesterday - one who enjoyed a spot of sunbathing near the solar panels on the roof of the facility’s office.

Assistant Reserves Warden Hannah Sharratt spotted a pine marten making the most of the wintry sunshine for about 20 minutes.

It’s the second sighting in a fortnight, after Inner Forth Landscape Initiative’s Kate Fuller saw one on the track leading down to the reserve.

A spokesperson said: “It’s a real treat to have these lovely creatures around, and shows just how far they have now spread.

“Only 25 years ago they were still largely confined to the Highlands of the country.

“If you spot one around the Inner Forth do please report it through our iRecord page. And if you want to find out a bit more about them visit our Wildlife page on the IFLi website”.