Streets closed in Denny as firefighters tackle blaze

Streets in Denny were closed tonight a firefighters battled a blaze in a former engineering works.

The blaze was discovered around 4.25pm this afternoon in the premises previously occupied by Machan Engineering Ltd, who used to make the country’s red post boxes.

Pictures: Michael Gillen

Pictures: Michael Gillen

The incident in Broad Street led to large plumes of thick smoke covering the Denny area.

Police closed the A883 between Denny Cross and Denny High School.

A spokesmen said: “Due to the volume of smoke from the fire we would advise local residents to remain away from the area and keep doors and windows closed.

“There are currently no reports of any injuries.”

Machan Engineering were the only foundry in the UK to make the traditional cast-iron pillar boxes.

The company had supplied Royal Mail since the 1980s and used to get 150 orders a year. But in 2014, they only received 20 orders and the following year they had just one, leading to the eventual closure of the firm.